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Travel photography



In search of a country with beautiful waves, lack of crowds and exciting culture. My surf, travel companion Emma-Fraser Bell and I embarked on a trip to El Salvador. Which turned out to be a hidden gem that is not half as dangerous as everyone made out. A beautiful country which I will definitely re-visit.


Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka was a mind blowing country, the people were as generous and kind-hearted as the nature they lived amongst.



The question is where can you find good waves, no crowds, warm weather and stunning landscapes?

December 2018, I took a flight to the dramatic mid-atlantic island of Madeira.

The waves were challenging to find due to steep cliffs and rocky beaches. However, we succeeded, landscape wise and photographically the island was a dream and the vegetation was second to none, delicious fresh fruit and veg, and delightful villages full of colours and textures.



The variety of landscapes and waves found in Cornwall never fails to amaze me. Having lived in the area for the last 10 years, there are still many secret spots to be discovered.

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